Initiative is the key of our company’s culture and an incentive for everyday work: it enabled our growth and fed our success. It is the essence of our story and values: in brief, it is our vision for future.

Initiative keeps us vital, dynamic and competitive, and it leads our everyday decisions.

We rely on our individual capacities and we encourage independent thinking and trust in others.

Our values are:

  • Respect – to have respect means to be loyal and honest and to conduct ourselves with moral integrity. Respect facilitates cooperation and achievement of common objectives.
  • Excellence – we pursue excellence to reach high levels of professionalism. To excel means to challenge ourselves to exceed the expectations of our customers and colleagues, aiming to improve our targets and results.
  • Responsibility – we aim to appreciate each worker at any level. To be responsible means to be reliable but also creative, secure and ready to accept challenges, having always in mind the interests of the customers and society.

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